Dear Reader,

What you have here for now is simply an as-yet blank working platform which we hope, with hard work and with the support of many colleagues, turn into a world-class website in support of new approaches to sustainable transportation in China. The goal is to lay a base of information and peer exchanges on the topic of share/transport, as a step toward the goal of organizing the second World Share/Transport Forum in a Chinese host city in 2011.

We have prepared a number of working sites and tools to support this project, which has as its principal aim to lay the base and gain wide support in cities and government across China, for the concept of sustainable transport while specifically targeting share/transport as a low-cost, high-impact approach which can lead to time and money savings for the great mass of the population, as well as healthier cities and healthier citizens. This program also aims to bring in as active players leading university and consultancy groups as well,

As we advance these preparations, you may wish to note that we have created a basic machine translation version to the main World Streets program, which you can access by clicking here. (We understand that these are very rough tools and no substitute for skilled human translation, but as first background and by way of illustration we hope that you will find them of some use.)

For models of where we hope to go with this site, we can draw your attention to two which are far more advanced and which should provide you with an idea of what we can hope to do with this approach. The first and most advanced is the World Streets program which go underway in late 2008 and which you can conveniently visit here at http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/. The second is the just getting-started India Streets program at http://indiastreets.wordpress.com/.

Further program notes and information will follow here in the weeks ahead.


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